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Start scraping data from any web source with Stalkit. Use unlimited resources to get the data you need.

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How it works
Automatically extract data from HTML, Excel, Json, XML
Unlimited resources Setup your scraping processes to run on single server or split the job between 10’s of servers with one click.
100% Accuracy Stalkit have been tested on thousands of projects and sources, top quality and accuracy is guaranteed
Powerful scenarios Combine and schedule scraping tasks from multiple sources into one customized report.
Everything you need for web scraping
100% Cloud service No download is required. All you need to setup your scrapers is web access to the admin panel.
Flexible pricing options Choose between signing up for a monthly subscription or pay a one-time fee to buy credits.
Help Center Watch our variety of tutorials or contact us and get assistance in setting up your scrapers.
Scrape any source Enrich your business with data from dynamic HTMLs, APIs responses in JSON or XML data.
Scheduled runs Schedule your scrapers to run every x time, control when and how to get data updates.
Easy data access Export the data manually or by using the export API, get email alerts, or let us update the data directly in your DB.
Advanced log Keep track on the scraper progress as it goes and watch the data flowing in.
Create from templates Use our variety of templates and scrape data from common sources in 1 click.
General screens Introducing Stalkit main panel. Viewing scrapers list, log screen and other actions can be performed on each scraper.
Building your first scraper (part 1) Building your first scraper. General settings, adding data filters and setting up emails notifications.
Building your first scraper (part 2) The scraper builder screen. List of actions that can be performed. Using the item selector panel to select fields to extract.